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Accessorize Your Grooms With Bureau at the Buffalo Indie Weddings Bridal Show 03.04!

Attention grooms! The guys at Bureau are our resident guy-style-gurus, so they know how to make you look good on your wedding day! Between their custom, made-to-measure suiting, shirting and accessories, they will make the heads turn like no other. They will be at the bridal show 03/04 at the Hotel at the Lafayette sharing their expertise and style. We caught up with them for a mini tutorial on how to best accessorize on the big day.

Like anything, there is a good way and there is a bad way. The same goes for accessorizing for your wedding day. There are a couple key ideas to keep in mind when piecing together those final details.

The most important question for you to ask yourself when accessorizing for your wedding is “Am I an accessory guy in my everyday life?” If the answer is no, then scale back on what you add to your wedding day look. Sometimes less is more. A tie and a crisp white, cotton pocket square may be all you need.  Maybe you have a pair of your grandfather’s heirloom cufflinks. Great wear them. You can never go wrong with simple and understated.  However, if you tend to be a guy that likes to flair up his everyday look, then allow that to trickle into your wedding attire. If you wear a cool vintage turquoise ring every day then there is no reason to discard it because you are getting married. Are you a watch guy? Yes? Then wear your favorite watch.

Just like booze and food and the electric slide, the mantra is everything in moderation. Too many accessories can get busy looking.  You’d hate to look back on your wedding photos and say “Damn! I look like a dollar store Johnny Depp.” Tie, pocket square, cuff links, rings, boutonniere, lapel pin, bracelets… it all together can be a bit much.  Think of it like an ice cream sundae. Sure we want all the goodies on it but sometimes when we load it up it becomes a bit much and it gives us a stomach ache. Gummy bears are great and all but on an ice cream sundae? Come on… that’s gross. There’s a time and place for everything. And maybe your wedding isn’t the place for the metaphorical gummy bears.

The best advice is to give everything a test run. Put on all the things and remove pieces bit by bit until you feel cool, collected, clean and classy. And when you stare at yourself in the mirror at like what you see reward yourself. Maybe with an ice cream sundae. Or maybe with some gummy bears. But not together. You’re an adult.


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