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Buffalo Bitty Bombs Dessert Trend Hit Western New York

A Tiktok trend comes to life

Almost a year ago, the Buffalo Bitty Bombs dessert trend hit Western New York. Do you remember when everyone and their mother was Instagramming hot chocolate bombs and no one knew where to get them? That’s where Danielle and Joanna come into play! At the beginning of last year’s holiday season, COVID was wreaking havoc on everyone’s mental state. One evening, the ladies got together to work on some paint by numbers, discussing the latest TikTok trends, and the idea of ‘Buffalo Bitty Bombs’ was born. Sometimes starting a small business with your best friend is good for the soul.

Buffalo Bitty Bombs creates an array of desserts and dessert tables for any wedding celebration. Think of them as your fairy godmothers dipped in chocolate. They create custom hot cocoa bombs, ice cream sundae bombs, smash hearts, chocolate-dipped treats, and dessert trays. Willy Wonka’s got nothing on them.

Meet the girls behind the bitty bombs

Originally they ordered one mold, thinking they’d make a few for close friends and family; however, in three weeks they had over 1,000 bombs sold. After they started building bonds with other local businesses, the business grew!

The ladies grew up in different parts of Buffalo, NY. Danielle received her undergraduate degree in Biology with a master’s in entrepreneurship from the U.K. While her business partner Joanna received her bachelor’s in music concentrating in violin followed by her master’s degree in mental health counseling and works full-time in the foster care workforce, with a side hustle in wedding violin music.

Both ladies are cat moms who enjoy a glass of wine to unwind at the end of the night. They took a chance on a national TikTok trend and made it their own. Each is hardworking and navigating life without following society’s pressures. These boss babes are taking a chance on themselves, and we love to see it! What’s truly inspiring about their story is that they simply saw a national trend, observed a gap in the market and went for it balls to the wall.

Redefining wedding dessert traditions

Since 2020, the face of the wedding industry has changed to include more creativity, a more personalized experience and allowed people to redefine traditional norms. Buffalo Bitty Bombs’ desserts are exactly what Indie Weddings stands for: they’re innovative, inclusive and creative AF. The days are over of a one size fits all wedding.

One of the things that make this small business unique is how everything is made in small batches and handcrafted, ensuring an elevated dessert experience. The second is how these ladies give back to the local community with their Charity Bitty Bomb, a chocolate dessert tied to a good cause. Every month they choose a different non-profit organization or individual in need to give back.

With these avid Bills fans, all it takes is one creative couple and all bets are off! The sky’s the limit! Buffalo Bitty Bombs dessert options are fully customizable, perfect to fit any theme or color scheme for any wedding event. What started out as a kitchen replica experiment led to a successful small business venture.

Photos courtesy Danielle Richter Photography

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