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5 Best Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

5 Best Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping Everyone has tips for wedding dress shopping, but some are outdated or not specific enough. We’re bringing you the best advice from a custom wedding dress designer from me, Ali Eagen, owner of Upstate Indie Weddings & Made by Anatomy! Picking out the perfect wedding dress can be...

Make Your Wedding Day a Wedding Weekend Festival!

Stretching out your wedding weekend can be as luxe or casual as you’d like. So many venues have lodging on site, or hell, pitch some tents and go full blown festival! Here is a list of ideas we’ve come up with for you. In addition, find the local vendors who can help you pull off your multi-day wedding!

Encore Wedding Ideas and Advice

Encore wedding is the term we coined to describe the second, or, original wedding Covid couples had planned. So many couples, myself included, have had to change wedding plans due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It’s been tough, but we are hoping to be that bright spot in the darkness for all of you! This blog post will outline some of our favorite encore wedding ideas and advice.

Rethink Your Covid Men’s Wedding Attire by Bureau

Jacquelyn DiPuccio – Upstate Indie Weddings   Meet our guest blogger and Upstate Indie member, Jon, co-owner of BUREAU, a made to measure suiting and shirting company! Read on as he shares his input and experience as a professional tailor with us! This week’s topic: How to rethink COVID men’s wedding attire! Some dead white guy...

Why Wedding Officiants are So Important

Officiants are often the last vendors hired for a wedding, and yet we are, in my opinion, the most important.  An officiant is what makes your marriage legal!  Some people are trying to cut costs and have their friend or relative get ordained online.  While this person may know you longer, a professional officiant will know the right questions to ask to get to know you and write a ceremony that showcases your relationship. 

Our Wedding Pros Have Corona Solutions!

After months of quarantine and self-isolation, New York is entering phase 3. Many couples with upcoming weddings have postponed, canceled, eloped or shifted their plans in some way, so we wanted to let you know of some corona solutions our crafty wedding pros are offering during this time!  Village Bake Shoppe Photos courtesy of Village...

5 Reasons Why You Should Elope in 2021

I’m like you – holding out hope that this summer weddings will start to normalize. Hopefully we won’t have to distance, wear face coverings and limit the guest count. Most importantly, hopefully we can dance and really party! I mean, that’s pretty much the entire point for me to have my reception since I already...

Mini-Moon Getaway at the Finger Lakes Must-See Vendors

We’re bringing you the must-see wedding vendors to visit for a mini-moon getaway at the Finger Lakes. You and your bae are in quarantine now, some couples postponed their weddings, while some canceled, a mini-moon getaway at the Finger Lakes will put the sexy back into your relationship. After this is all done, businesses will...

My Glam Evening Cocktail Party Bridal Shower

What can I tell you about my evening cocktail party bridal shower? It was fabulous. Gorgeous. It was everything I dreamed it would be. BUT LET’S BE REAL IT WAS A SHIT TON OF WORK. This is definitely another situation in which I wish I could have hired a planner. YES LADIES you can hire...

My Biggest Regret from My Wedding Day

Now that I’m married, I can share my biggest regret from the day. It’s actually my only regret from the wedding day. I DIDN’T HIRE AN EFFING WEDDING COORDINATOR. There I was, thinking – I plan huge events – I can handle the day on my own. What I DIDN’T take into account was how...

What to Prioritize when Wedding Dress Shopping

Hey! That’s me tearing it up on the dance floor on my wedding day. Clearly having the BEST. DAY. EVER. Now that I’m married, I can’t stress the importance of feeling comfortable in your wedding dress. When you are wedding dress shopping, there are some important things you want to consider. I work with brides...

Quick Tips from a New Wife… Me!

As a wedding vendor who has just become a wife and did whatever the hell I wanted, I offer a unique perspective on wedding planning! Check out my first quick tips from a new wife and find more ideas and inspiration in our directory!

Thoughtful One Month Out Wedding Tips from Verve Event Co.

Last week, my friend Desiree at Verve Events emailed the most thoughtful one month out wedding tips. This. 👏 Is. 👏 What. 👏 Community is all about! I was so moved by her consideration that I just had to share her tips. Thank you SO much, Desiree for thinking of me and I feel so...

Buffalo Bridal Beauty and Fashion from the Runway at 500 Pearl!

When it comes to Buffalo bridal beauty and fashion, just check out the looks from our runway at 500 Pearl bridal show last month! Victoria’s Bridal Shoppe and All Dolled Up Beauty Bar worked together seamlessly to bring new brides the newest, most vibrant wedding looks sure to make heads turn! Here is a quick...

Stag Pack’s Grooms Checklist

Stag Pack saves you time and energy with their wide variety of curated gift boxes and sets for your guests, groomsmen or even party prizes and favors! Use this quick and easy checklist to help you stay on task during the wedding planning stages!

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