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Chuckuterie Charcuterie Boards

Chuckuterie charcuterie boards was born in Buffalo, NY and serves the greater WNY region. His creative sweet and savory spreads can cater to any dietary requests, and each board is just as personalized as the next! Owner, Chuck Safy prides himself on his creative passion and drive to push himself for his clients. He wanted to create his own business to facilitate connections with the community and showcase a new kind of product and service. One that exemplifies his ability to be flexible in the overall vision of each board.  Let’s get to know more about him!


Meet Chuck from Chuckuterie Charcuterie Boards

I’ve always been involved with food, beverage and events. After graduating in 2012 from Buffalo State College with my degree in hospitality and tourism, catering came easy and was the most accessible. However, once you work for other entrepreneurs you want to be one too. Recently leaving my previous employer after 7 amazing years, I decided to try it myself! Surrounded by an extremely supportive family, friend group and professional circles, I knew it would be a success. Re-visiting my love for creativity and pushing new ideas again has been the most exciting so far. I never want two events to look the same, since people aren’t the same! Exploring new foods, displays and products will always keep Chuckuterie’s ideas fresh and forward.

The problem with being “big” is that your product becomes robotic and mundane. Staying small Getting to meet different farmers from the NY area and beyond keeps my charcuterie’s different all the time. There isn’t a stockpile of food on hand and it isn’t coming from just one place. Sourcing comes from all different local businesses. Finding fresh products is a huge deal. You really can taste the difference and for some items even see it. Above all, I do the leg work and try to find these items to enjoy.




Above average quality boards for every person

Chuckuterie serves those who are looking for something different! My clients want to take a chance and be creative with me in the process. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community, there is a chunk of my life that is influenced by it. Food accepts everyone and so do I!

Nothing about what Chuckuterie charcuterie boards is average! How we set ourselves apart is by offering the best varietal charcuterie products. For example, expanding to different dips, not just crackers but new breads and culturally or occasion themed boards. We can build off of a palette of colors or flavors. I research items that may not be the typical food options or display pieces to offer a “wow” reaction.

I like to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for my clients. Coming from and Italian and Lebanese background, everyone is treated like family. I don’t just want to know if you have favorite foods, I want to know about the whole event. It may seem like I offer a small part of the day, but it can set the tone. I want to know what’s important to you and your guests. Getting together is more important now than ever.

Through my years of experience coordinating weddings at one of Buffalo’s most popular wedding venues, my perspective is based on the ground work. I’ve seen first hand what goes into each persons big day. Even though the agendas are quite similar, no two couples are the same. Everyone has a story and a vision and it’s important to embrace how you want to celebrate. I believe that everyone has the right to express themselves in their own unique way and I am happy to help!



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