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Espesyal Designs Crafts Wedding Earrings that Stand Out

Espesyal Designs in Buffalo, NY is a great play on words to describe Cristal Desrosiers’ wedding earrings. Espesyal means special in creole, her husband’s background & pronounced especial in Spanish, mimicking Cristal’s background.

Humble beginnings

Like many others, Cristal is a badass stay-at-home mom who found creative relief handcrafting polymer clay jewelry & other accessories. Bridal earrings for brides & their bridal parties are some of my favorite pieces to work on! The crafter loves all things wedding & works with brides every step of the creating process from start to finish to ensure they love their pieces.

Working hard is second nature to this entrepreneur. She grew up in the lower middle class. Her mother worked hard to do her best for her family and overcame many difficult challenges in her life from domestic violence to working three jobs at one point just to make sure her four kids had their basic needs met. This left Cristal helping in any way she could to help her family. Her hard work paid off: she was the first in her family to graduate high school & college.

Attention to Detail

Over the years, Espesyal Designs wedding earrings grew a reputation for creativity and its attention to detail. Cristal does everything from out of her cozy apartment, all while juggling her stay-at-home mama duties! Everything Espesyal Designs creates is handmade with love and care. Cristal takes pride in her work and enjoys the creation process, that personalized touch is why she thrives with her small business.

She loves intricating details. From the flower petals to the veins on the leaves, Cristal’s talent is what attracts couples to her! Step by step in the creation process Cristal finds new ways to give couples what they want and expand her inventory with new ideas. The term perfectionist comes to mind when describing this creator.

There are some creators that just make things to make them and there’s Cristal. She truly cares about her clients and her work and lets that be known from the start. Like so many of us, customer service is so important to her, & she makes that one of the most important things of her business. Throughout the creation process,  she even sends product photos to her customers to ensure they’re getting exactly what they want!

Custom earrings are the best accessory

Custom wedding earrings are something new and hella trendy, and the best accessories to have for any wedding! Espesyal Designs can make anything for brides and bridal parties alike. To no surprise, Cristal is super picky about her work, as she should be! She handles each pair carefully, as she works with a wide variety of posts, charms, hooks, etc to create elegant, timeless pieces! Espesyal means special and each pair of earrings is specially made by Cristal. Espesyal Designs clients are special to her & special in general, that’s what makes them the coolest couples in UNY!

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