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Inside Buffalo Botanical Gardens Pop-Up Weddings

We’re walking you through some of the Buffalo Botanical Gardens pop-up weddings of this year! We’ve said this over and over again this year, but COVID threw everyone for a loop. Most of our couples & vendors had to pivot -insert Ross’ voice from FRIENDS- and think of new ways to make the magic continue. Some couples chose the gorgeous Buffalo Botanical Gardens as their venue, and they went like this. The Buffalo Gardens has openings 01/23/2021 & 02/14/2021 to make pop-up magic! The package includes all photos by Alana Adetola Arts Photography and a cake by Sassi Cakes!

The newlyweds pose outside of the greenhouse holding hands with the bride holding her bouquet, too after their Botanical Gardens pop-up wedding.

The newlyweds pose outside of the greenhouse, showcasing its architecture and greenery.

The couple raise a toast to their family for being able to get together during trying times at their Botanical Gardens pop-up wedding

The couple raise a toast to their family for being able to get together during trying times.

A happy couple embrace for a kiss as the bride shows off her beautiful sleeve tattoo in her strapless dress (left). The bride poses with her bridesmaids and two little girls, all in blush toned dresses for her Botanical Gardens pop-up wedding (right).

The blush tones compliment the bride’s red hair, the groom’s rose boutonniere along with her whimsical sleeve tattoo.

A happy couple both hold the knife as they prepare to cut their off-white wedding cake for their Botanical Gardens pop-up wedding.

The happy couple cut their cake in a century’s long tradition.

The happy couple celebrate their "I do's" by walking down the aisle of their pop-up wedding (left). The same happy couple hold hands and pose with Buffalo Gardens' dome in the background outside (right).

Outdoor pop-ups give amazing photo opportunities to showcase the property of the venue.

A combined photo of a blonde bride with an updo of braids holding a white bouquet of flowers for one of the Botanical pop-up weddings (left). A close up shot of a white wedding cake with a white rose as a wedding cake topper (right).

A couple bring their traditions in an intimate outdoor ceremony at the gazebo of the Botanical Gardens pop-up wedding.

There’s something so beautiful about a quiet, intimate ceremony that brings romance to pop-up weddings.

The happy couple takes a moment to themselves outside of the Botanical Gardens. The bride shows off her dress and gorgeous side profile in a black and white photo.

Who said you have to wear white? Two brides exchange vows wearing a black dress and a gray suit at their Botanical Gardens pop-up wedding.

The newlyweds exchanged vows and happily posed for their first picture as a married couple.

Love knows no limits, something COVID taught us this year. Also, something couples showed at their Buffalo Gardens pop-up weddings.

A close up of a shorthaired bride with a beautiful hair accessory posing amongst the greenery of the Botanical Gardens (left). A black and white photo of the bride embracing her husband from the back at their pop-up wedding outside (right).

Side profile pictures add dimension to wedding photos.

A compilation of a brunette bride and her bridesmaids who are wearing blue tones (left). A close up picture of her cake with white roses and a red accent flower as wedding cake toppers for her Botanical Gardens pop-up wedding.

The bride embraces her bridesmaids as she anticipates eating her cake (on the right).

A couple celebrate their nuptials walking down the aisle away from the outdoor gazebo (left). A lesbian couple celebrate their nuptials leaning in for a kiss with one bride in a gown and the other in a blue pant outfit at their Botanical Gardens pop-up wedding (right). Both couples compliment each other with their bohemian style and blue tones.

Capturing the first moments of newlywed bliss.

A masked wedding party stands outside for one of the Botanical Gardens pop-up weddings.

A true representation of 2020 COVID weddings. Masks up.

Bride and groom with glasses pose apart with the groom in the background and the bride holding her bouquet with green foliage inside their Botanical Gardens pop-up wedding.

The elated couple pose on the bridge using the gorgeous greenery as the background.

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