Member Events

2021 Events:

  • Virtual Show (Spring 2021)
  • Outdoor Annual Event (held in Buffalo, Summer 2021)

Our events are the BEST way to make the most of your membership this upcoming year. Here is where hundreds of brides and grooms are experiencing all that we have to offer IRL… or… on the screen! Investing in presenting your business to our eager couples in the fun, laid back atmosphere that we create is a sure-fire way to turn heads. Register for our upcoming events here! Read on below for the event details and vendor terms!

Virtual Show Details

Our first ever virtual show was a total hit with the couples! Held in September 2020, couples were so happy with the accessibility and engaging content that you all provided! Take a look at what they said!

  • 80% rated the event 4-5 stars, with the other 20% falling under the 3 star category (directly due to the limited number of vendors participating)
  • 88% of couples loved the convenience and accessibility of being able to participate from home!
  • 75% of couples reached out to vendors from the virtual show during that week!
  • When ranked, the favored elements of this show were:
    • Giveaways
    • The vendor videos
    • Social media activity
    • Directory access
    What was your favorite, most beneficial part…?
    + I really enjoyed the videos and being able to look at the materials at any time.
    + Everything all together, easy to access.
    + The mini introductions on each page were wonderful.
    + I really enjoyed the virtual booths for each vendor. It was really helpful to go back and rewatch/listen to if needed or to help make decisions.
    What were you left wanting…?
    + I wish there were more vendors committed to the virtual booths.
    + Only thing I wanted was more vendors!
    + More prizes, a goodie bag mailed out.
    (50% of the responses wanted more vendors, 25% were happy, the other 25% were too specific or personal requests.)
    Between what we offer (website, social media, etc…) what is the most helpful for you?
    + The website and social media were the most useful. The website pretty much had all the info I needed in one place and if I wanted to see more of a vendors’ work I went to social media
    + Being able to see the work they provided to other couples 💕
    + I utilized the website more then anything else. I am not very tech savvy so this was easy for me. The links were easy enough to use as well. I found myself going to venders websites to gain additional info.
    + The videos on each page gave me the most value

How will this all work? I’m glad you asked! Got 15 minutes to learn how? Watch the demo of the Virtual Wedding Festival here! 

How does it work for the Couples?

  • $8 Ticket = 1 Unique password to gain entry
  • Fashion Show
    • Live streamed from the bridal shops the day the festival opens
  • DIY and Interactive Videos
    • Leading up to the event and the week during the festival
  • Vendor Giveaways
  • Grand Prize Giveaway
    • All giveaways drawn at the close of the event on 09.20

Vendor “Booth” Rates

  • $350 Virtual “Booth – one flat rate for all members. $550 for non-members. Includes:
    • Spot in the private virtual directory space on our website
    • 1 Instagram live interview before or during the event (for members only)
    • Additional promotions before and during the week of the show (as outlined below)
    • Leads list
    • Video from your virtual booth will be placed on your directory listing after the show to enhance your listing!
  • Add ons available:
    • $275 Facebook Interview 
    • $100 for IG Live 
    • $50 Digital ad placements
  • All vendors who would like to participate in the event, even those currently registered for the Spring 2020 show must fill out the registration form here.
  • Any balances after the booth fee and upgrades will be credited toward a future show with Indie Weddings
If you’re curious about this event, watch the demo of the Virtual Wedding Festival ! After which I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.32.52 AM

Vendor Details and Event Terms

Please find all necessary information for our events below.  Please be sure to thoroughly read all information. You are liable for understanding this information & ensuring you are properly following all event guidelines. Please let us know right away if you have any questions!

  • Events are first come, first served.
  • We cap the categories based on the total number of vendors we can fit to ensure everyone has a chance to really shine.
  • Vendor Contract & payment are due ONE MONTH PRIOR to the event date in order to reserve your spot!
    • We need one contract per calendar year for the events you participate in.
    • Invoices are sent electronically. Priority is extended to those vendors who pay their booth fees first.
    • If we do not have either the payment by the due date, vendor will forfeit their place and the booth space will be given to the next vendor on the wait list.
    • Vendor booths are non-refundable, but will be credited toward a future event or other services that Upstate Indie Weddings offers.
  • Events are open to members and non-member businesses. Event rates are as follows (* indicates non-member rate)
    • Service Provider Booths $550 / *750
      • + $450 for double booth space
    • Handmade Vendor Booths $350 / *550
      • + $250 for double booth space
    • Swag bag promo add-on $50 (for members only)
    • Digital Ad add-on $50 (for members only)
  • All members who participate in the events receive additional promotions before and after the event including:
    • Business listing in the event pages of the website
    • Business listing in the Facebook event page
    • Social media posts:
      • Facebook event page
      • Instagram Feed + Stories
      • Facebook
    • Instagram Live interviews on social media for all service provider booths and higher
    • Blog post introducing the vendor line up
    • Newsletter
    • Post-show wrap up blog post
    • Event photo album on Facebook

Bridal Show Promotions


  • SPREAD THE WORD! Make sure you share the Facebook event pages below if you’re attending, and get involved! You are allowed to post in the Facebook event pages and tag us like crazy! Let’s make that algorithm work for us by tagging the hell out of each other and the events! You can easily download graphics to use here.  Social Media Tags:  @rochesterindieweddings @buffaloindieweddings #partyonbrides #partyongrooms #buffaloindieweddings #rochesterindieweddings #buffalowedding #buffalobrides #rochesterwedding #rochesterbrides
  • INVITE YOUR CLIENTS! Information and tickets can be purchased through any of these links:
  • SCHEDULE GIVEAWAYS for your comp tickets! We offer 4 comp tickets for each of our main events, the bi-annual spring and fall events, so get creative and plan ahead to offer some up as giveaways! Nothing gets people more excited than winning something they really want!
  • Free tickets : You will be sent codes for free tickets to distribute as you please! Please note, your guests will need pre-register here to receive electronic tickets before the show.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.33.11 AM




  • All vendors are required to offer a raffle item valued at $50 or more for the event.
  • Guests will be able to enter the giveaways digitally in your “booth” page.
  • Winners will be selected and announced by BIW/RIW live on 09.20.20
  • You will be notified of the winner that day and provided with the information to contact and send them their prize.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.33.18 AM




  • Advertise that your business is a part of the show & invite prospects! Before the bridal show, email your client and vendor contacts to let them know that you will be on display. Invite potential clients and consider telling them that you will have a special gift waiting for them at your booth.You have been sent codes for free tickets to distribute as you please! Please note, your guests will need pre-register to receive electronic tickets before the show. There will be NO will-call tickets held at the door. Use these tickets to run promos on social media for giveaways!

  • Bring helpers! Having 2-3 extra people at your booth is a great idea, especially during peak show times when you’ll be visited by multiple guests at once. Train your team with your 1-2 sentence elevator speech about what your business is & why it’s unique. Make sure they are ready to collect information so you can follow up and speak directly to each person interested!

  • After the show, email or call all interested guests! You will receive a list of all attendees which you can do a mass mailing to, but it is especially important to follow-up with the guests that expressed interest in your business and visited your booth. Also be sure to follow-up with the other vendors you connected with! Reach out to within 1-5 business days after the event; the sooner, the better because you will still be fresh in their minds.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, share this leads list with anyone else!
  • Please be mindful of the guests privacy and refrain from inundating them with emails and offers. This also includes your mailing lists – it’s better to ask and encourage them to sign up on their own!
  • Good ideas
    • Invite them to where else you will be this Engagement season (i.e. other events, happenings around town, performances, etc.) so they can see, sample and experience your offerings again.
    • Offer them a special discount, upgrade or giveaway!
    • Sharing sneak peeks of new projects or ideas first!
    • Use engaging and personalized email subjects when possible.













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