The Timberlodge & The Sterling at Arrowhead Wedding Venues

A couple celebrate their nuptials with a firework send off outside one of The Timberlodge & The Sterling wedding venues.

Get a feel for the spaces

The Timberlodge and The Sterling are Upstate’s premier wedding venues. The Timberlodge, located on the fairways of Arrowhead Golf Club, has been in the wedding business since 2009. A work of art in raw form, the Timberlodge’s interior echoes craftsman tradition, with a geometric design of the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s the definition of rustic chic with multiple patios, a gazebo, multiple ponds, a fire pit and several tiki torches.

After much success, the Arrowhead team expanded with The Sterling. It’s a brand new venue crafted with weddings and events in mind. The classic beams, industrial pipes and chandeliers are stunning. It’s adorned with many fun details for guests to enjoy, like the glow in dark walkway! With the spacious stone bar and dazzling firework chandeliers, The Sterling’s modern industrial style certainly sets it apart from other wedding venues.

The Timberlodge & The Sterling offer an aesthetic with streamed lights, chairs decorated with florals and a wooden archer, the space is perfect for a rustic wedding (left).A couple sits on a rowboat on the pond outside of the wedding venues' with willow trees and greenery in the background (right).

A couple kisses inside The Sterling with floor to ceiling windows and wooden beams (left). The couple sit on a wooden bench with the bride looking at the groom lovingly with her bouquet and the groom running his hands through his hair, not making eye contact (middle). The same couple share a steamy kiss outside of The Sterling wedding venue, showing off the architecture.

Sit back and relax

The Timberlodge & The Sterling couples receive a one-of-a-kind experience that starts with a tour of the properties. What’s especially great is that they offer many specialized services to make the day absolutely your own. They have on-site wedding coordinators that help couples customize weddings and turn their dream into reality. From fireworks to customized local draft beer, the team’s driven to go above and beyond for couples.

Next, the coordinators set up couples with Western New York (WNY) vendors to complete the vision. As a small, locally owned business in Upstate New York, they love being able to connect with couples, vendors & guests in the area. The Arrowhead staff is full of Buffalo natives, who love being a part of the community. They know it’s important to shop local and support them. After months of planning, they take care of all the details for you, including the full setup and breakdown of everything. Kick back, relax, and let them do all of the work.

Decor is important to The Timberlodge & The Sterling. Photographed is a table adorned with "Mr. & Mrs." placeholders with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, with two windows in the background, showing off the wedding venues' rustic aesthetic.

A rustic chic bride sits with in the Timberlodge & The Sterling dressing rooms wearing a hat, holding a floral bouquet looking out with brick background (left). A groom sits on a wooden bench waiting for his bride to get ready at Upstate New York's premier wedding venues (right).

A couple kiss in a rowboat with the Sterling in the background in a muted photo (left). Two grooms in white tuxedos pose outside by the gazebo with a "love is love" sign out of the Timberlodge & The Sterling wedding venues.

A couple poses looking at each other inside one of state New York's wedding venues (The Timberlodge) showing off its wooden beams adorned with lights and greenery (left). A couple stands outside of the Sterling gazebo looking at each other surrounded with greenery and the pond in the background. The groom is wearing a black tux while the bride wear a floral headpiece and floral boutique (right).

Get creative

During the planning process, couples receive one-on-one meeting time with their wedding coordinator where they can really connect and discuss the intimate details for their wedding day. With that, couples also receive unlimited email and phone correspondence with their coordinator. The staff knows that flexibility is refreshing to couples. Add a neon sign to our boxwood greenery wall, have a sparkler send-off, or even a taco station! They’re always looking for new and refreshing ideas for weddings at The Timberlodge & The Sterling, making them Upstate’s premier wedding venues. Of course, traditional weddings are never off the table, but they love it when couples want to add fun twists!

The Timberlodge & The Sterling accepts everyone, and loves it when people want to create their own trends. Get those creative juices flowing and schedule a meeting with the team today! They can’t wait to hear from you!

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